Agent Resources November 9, 2023

How Fast Can You Earn a Real Estate License in Pennsylvania?

The real estate market beckons with opportunities. Many working adults and aspiring career changers are eager to answer the call. The first step towards joining a leading firm like Century 21 Realty Services is to earn your REALTOR® license. This article delves into the steps on how to expedite your real estate licensure and evaluates the training options available to accommodate your current lifestyle.

The Expedited Path to Earning a Real Estate License

For those asking “How fast can you earn a real estate license,” the answer is encouraging. With diligent effort and strategic planning, you can earn a REALTOR license while working or managing other life commitments. Here’s a snapshot of the process:

  1. Pre-Licensing Education: To become a Camp Hill real estate agent, complete 75 hours of pre-licensing education. Full-time commitment can see you through in 2-3 weeks, while part-time study extends to 10-15 weeks. You can sign up for classes at the Greater Harrisburg Area REALTORS® Institute or your local REALTOR or training association.
  2. Exam Preparation: Dedicate 1-2 weeks to prepare for the state licensing exam, a critical step to earn real estate quickly and efficiently. We suggest studying using the Modern Real Estate Practice in Pennsylvania. This book covers everything you’ll learn in your pre-licensing education and is perfect to reinforce key aspects of the licensing exam.
  3. Licensing Exam: Schedule your exam with Pearson VUE. You can take the exam at the Pearson Professional Centers in Harrisburg, PA.
  4. Brokerage Affiliation: Align with a brokerage that offers mentorship and growth opportunities. Century 21 Realty Services offers a hands-on mentorship program that helps agents succeed. However, if you are someone that does not want a hands-on approach or would rather learn on your own you can find REALTOR® brokerages that fit your exact style and needs.
  5. License Application: Submit your application and expect a processing time of a few weeks. If you are moving from out of state you may also be able to transfer your REALTOR® license to Pennsylvania. Currently, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, and Massachusetts have reciprocity agreements with Pennsylvania to allow the transfer of licenses. You can learn more at the PA Department of State website.

Real Estate License Path Summary

In total the time from pre-licensing education to joining a brokerage is approximately 3 months or 12-15 weeks. This is the fastest time possible to earn a real estate license in Pennsylvania. It would even require classes, exams, and hanging your license with a brokerage to line up perfectly.

However, most REALTORS® need a little more time to complete classwork, prepare for the licensure exam, and join a brokerage. Most new real estate agents take up to 6 months or more to become fully licensed real estate agents. However, everyone’s timeline will vary slightly. Set a goal for completion of your license that allows flexibility. This will reduce your stress and still allow you to become a Pennsylvania REALTOR®.

One of the biggest differences in the time it takes to complete a course is whether you want an in-person or online pre-licensing course. To help you decide, we weighed the pros and cons of in-person and online pre-licensing training.

Weighing Training Options: Online vs. In-Person

Online Training:

For working adults or those seeking to transition careers without interrupting their current jobs, online training to earn a real estate license may be an optimal route. Online courses offer unmatched flexibility. You can study at your pace, at any time, from any place. This means you can earn a REALTOR® license while working full-time, a significant advantage for many.


  • Flexibility and Convenience: Perfect for busy schedules and those who cannot attend fixed class times.
  • Cost-Effective: Generally, online courses are less expensive due to lower overhead costs.
  • Self-Paced Learning: Allows for reviewing complex subjects multiple times, which can enhance comprehension.


  • Self-Discipline Required: You must stay motivated and manage your time effectively. Leaning on your own network for support.
  • Less Networking: Fewer opportunities to form connections with peers and instructors.
  • Limited Immediate Feedback: Your questions might not be answered as promptly as in a physical classroom setting.

In-Person Training:

Catering to those who thrive in a structured environment and benefit from direct interaction. In-person classes provide the traditional classroom experience. This personal touch can be invaluable, providing immediate feedback and networking opportunities. If you want to immerse yourself in the real estate community and have a flexible schedule this may be the path for you.


  • Interactive Learning: Direct communication with educators and peers can enhance learning.
  • Structured Schedule: Regular classes can help students manage their study time more effectively.
  • Immediate Assistance: Questions can be addressed on the spot, which can aid in quicker problem resolution.


  • Rigid Schedule: Fixed class schedules may conflict with work or personal commitments.
  • Higher Costs: Additional costs such as commuting and materials can accumulate.
  • Location Dependent: You may be limited by the proximity of the training center to your residence or workplace.

Choosing the Right Path for You

Whether online or in-person, the training options available are designed to suit a variety of needs. As you consider how fast can you earn a real estate license, think about your learning style, schedule, and professional goals.

If you are eager to dive into the Camp Hill real estate scene, it’s essential to chart a course through pre-licensing education and exam preparation. With Harrisburg’s Pearson VUE center nearby, taking the licensing test is convenient. Also, some areas and locations allow for at-home testing to make licensing exams even more convenient! Then you must also select your top brokerages to apply for. We cover how to choose a brokerage to hang your license and also 21 questions to ask a sponsoring brokerage in other blog posts.

The question of “How fast can you earn a real estate license” is just the beginning. With dedication and the right resources, you’ll earn your license swiftly. In addition, you’ll build a successful and rewarding career in real estate.

Century 21 Realty Services is waiting to welcome you to our team of outstanding Camp Hill REALTORS®. Contact us today to make your next career move that could be your best one yet.