Agent Resources June 30, 2023

Looking for a Sponsoring Broker in PA? Ask these 21 Questions

Finding a sponsoring broker, as a budding real estate agent in Pennsylvania, is one of the most crucial steps. The right broker can significantly influence your career trajectory, offering mentorship, industry guidance, and a beneficial professional relationship. Here are 21 vital questions to ponder when seeking an ideal broker sponsorship:

   Fees and Payment

  1. What are your fees? Understanding the fee structure is crucial. Century 21 prides itself on its transparent and competitive rates, ensuring excellent value for investment.
  2. Are there franchise, office, or desk fees? Beyond standard fees, some brokerages may charge additional costs, an important aspect to remember while finding your sponsoring broker.
  3. How frequently do commission splits change? Regular reviews of commission splits can potentially enhance earnings as you gain experience.
  4. What is the split commission? Understanding the commission split is key to understanding how much you earn per deal. Bringing up this topic early while searching for a place to hang your real estate license can be difficult. However, having tough conversations with your future sponsoring brokerage now can save both parties precious time.

    Sponsoring Broker Culture

  5. What is the brokerage culture like? The firm fosters a culture that values growth, collaboration, and shared success, a critical aspect when choosing your sponsoring broker.
  6. Is there a mentorship program? Mentorship can offer valuable insights, especially when you’re just starting. However, these programs are always crucial. As you grow and mature in your role mentorship can continue to help you improve.
  7. What are the opportunities for advancement? This is a crucial question to consider when you are looking to grow your career.
  8. How do you handle conflict resolution? A reliable conflict resolution process in place at your broker can provide reassurance. Sometimes things go awry. Having a resolution plan can get life back on track painlessly and swiftly.
  9. What are the expectations for new agents? Understanding your brokerage’s expectations can streamline your onboarding process. It also allows you to understand what the brokerage values and the level of training provided.
  10. What is your policy on working remotely? Depending on your needs, the ability to work remotely is an important consideration when choosing your sponsoring broker.
  11. What is the company’s vision and how do I fit into it? Aligning your personal career goals with the company’s vision is essential when seeking a broker sponsorship. If you want to grow your career, you will want a brokerage looking to do the same.

    Support & Resources

  12. What kind of training programs do you offer? Comprehensive training programs are essential for agents at every career stage. Century 21 provides step-by-step coaching for new agents and advanced classes for seasoned professionals. In addition, Century21 provides Century 21 University with ongoing training and support.
  13. Who will I get support from, and when are they available? Consistent and reliable support is a hallmark of a successful real estate brokerage. Ensuring someone is always available to guide you through challenges.
  14. Do you offer lead generation support? Brokerages can support agents with lead generation, offering advanced tools, and techniques to attract potential clients.
  15. What technology tools are provided? Embracing technology for real estate can make agents more efficient and effective. At Century 21 Realty Services, we provide agents with proprietary tools. Some of which is a CRM platform for managing client relationships and advanced analytics software for monitoring market trends. This is one of the many reasons real estate agents love Century 21.
  16. How often are sales meetings and training sessions held? Regular meetings can keep you updated on market trends, which is significant when you’re searching for a sponsoring broker.
  17. What kind of administrative support do you offer? Administrative support can free up your time for client relations and prospecting. There is a lot of paperwork in real estate deals. A brokerage that helps take some of that off your hand can make a huge difference.
  18. What legal support do you provide? Legal support can help you navigate the complexities of real estate. A brokerage team that has real estate sales and legal experience can help streamline closing and potential problems. Ultimately, making your life easier and allowing you to close more deals.

    Marketing & Brokerage Reputation


  19. What marketing resources do you provide? The company should offer a range of marketing resources, from personalized web pages, advertising templates, and social media postings to boost your personal and company brand recognition.
  20. What kind of reputation does the brokerage have? The brokerage’s reputation can significantly impact potential clients’ trust. Choosing a brokerage and real estate company with a high reputation opens doors for you and leads to easier and more plentiful sales.
  21. How large is your network? A broad network offers a wider range of experiences and opportunities. Don’t only consider the brokerage’s client base. Also take into account their networks of supporters like their closing and title companies, photography, marketing companies, and others that lead to success.

Finding the right broker sponsorship can profoundly shape your real estate career trajectory. Consider these 21 questions to ensure you’re making an informed decision, and remember that companies like Century 21 Realty Services offer a comprehensive support system, training, and technological tools to foster agents’ success in Central Pennsylvania.