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New Real Estate Agent? Discover the Best Brokerage in Central PA

Embarking on a new career in real estate can be exhilarating. However, it comes with lots of decisions that will shape your path forward. As you enter the competitive world of real estate, one of the first and most pivotal choices you’ll make is selecting a real estate brokerage. You aren’t just about hanging your license on a wall. Finding your brokerage is finding a home base that propels your career forward. So, what makes a brokerage the best fit for a budding realtor in Central PA?

Brokerage Research

Before you commit to a brokerage, there’s homework to be done. Use online resources to dig into the reputation and standing of real estate brokerages in Central PA. Google, LinkedIn, and real estate publications can shed light on the success stories and market share of each brokerage. Reviews and sales data paint a picture of their prominence in the industry. In addition, ask other agents and their friends about their experiences with other brokerage firms. 


Take a beat for some self-reflection. As you peruse the options for the best brokerage in Central PA, it’s essential to gauge what you’re seeking. 

  • Is it a nurturing environment with ample training?
  • A culture of growth?
  • Newest and best technologies?
  • Generous commission structure?
  • Shared values with the rest of the team?

These are just a few of the questions to ask potential brokerages like Century 21 Realty Services and other agents you know. If you are looking for other specific questions to ask, view our article on the top questions to ask a sponsoring brokerage.

Realtor Training

A solid training program is truly the launchpad of any successful real estate career. It’s where you’ll grasp the essentials to create a successful career. In addition, you’ll learn the intricacies of market analysis, and learn the nuances of client negotiation. 

As a new real estate agent, you’ll want a brokerage that doesn’t just give you the fish but teaches you to fish, so to speak. Comprehensive training programs, mentorship opportunities, and developmental resources are the hallmarks of a successful brokerage that’s invested in your future. A brokerage that provides these shows a commitment to nurturing your potential from the get-go.

Working with Brokerage Agents

In real estate, the saying “It’s not what you know, but who you know” holds. A strong network is extremely valuable. This invaluable asset can open doors and create opportunities. 

When you align yourself with a brokerage that puts a premium on networking between agents and clients. In addition, this network can be a web of support. It could include agents, allied professionals from mortgage brokers to home inspectors, and members of industry associations. 

This network will help you keep a pulse of the real estate market. Having a brokerage by your side that supports your network growth can make a big difference when 

Speak with Current Agents and Staff

To truly gauge the merit of a brokerage’s claim as the best in Central PA, it’s essential to connect with those who navigate it daily. The agents and staff involved at the brokerage provide an unfiltered glimpse into the brokerage’s culture and the support it extends to its team. 

Their firsthand accounts are a treasure trove of insight. Make sure to observe and ask them about the subtler aspects of the brokerage’s environment and ethos. It’s through these connections that you can verify the brokerage’s standing. In addition, you also begin to grow your network within the real estate community. This symbiotic exchange of experiences and opportunities is what makes a robust network an indispensable part of a thriving real estate career.

Brokerage Culture

The ethos of a brokerage goes beyond the walls of its office and the logos on its signage. The ethos of a brokerage permeates through every interaction, decision, and strategy to become the very pulse of your professional existence. 

This ethos, or culture, is like the heartbeat of your work life. It sets the rhythm for your day-to-day activities, your interactions with clients and colleagues, and even your approach to challenges and successes. A brokerage’s culture is crafted through a combination of its values, the leadership’s vision, and the collective behavior of its agents. You can witness the way colleagues support each other and how they share successes.

Market Presence and Branding

For a new agent, aligning with a brokerage that has a robust local presence and strong branding in your locale like Century 21 Realty Services in Central PA, can help you close more sales. This strategic partnership can significantly impact your career trajectory from the outset. 

A brokerage with a solid foundation in the local market offers credibility. Also, it positions you advantageously in the eyes of potential clients. Brand recognition, especially one as respected and trusted as Century 21, serves as a powerful endorsement of your professional capabilities. 

Your brokerage’s reputation reflects itself onto you. So, if yours has a standard of excellence and a commitment to quality service, those qualities will be associated with you. As you reinforce those qualities through your actions you will create greater trust and strengthen your presence.

Technology and Tools

In today’s fast-paced real estate market, the technological resources available to you impact your ability to close deals and satisfy clients. The importance of having a technological edge in real estate cannot be overstated. Technology is a critical factor that determines whether a deal goes through smoothly. A brokerage that provides you with access to cutting-edge technologies will help you gain an edge over other real estate agents. 

A crucial piece is your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. A strong CRM such as MoxiWorks can help you both list properties more easily on the multiple listing services and also keep your clients and potential clients in the loop. 

Advanced marketing platforms such as SEO tools, email marketing platforms, and social media management tools help you engage with clients more efficiently. In addition, it can help you generate more leads for your business.

Ultimately, having a suite of technologies at your disposal allows you to operate your career more efficiently and effectively. 

Selecting the Top Brokerage in Central PA

Choosing the right brokerage is a blend of aligning with a supportive, well-connected, and technologically equipped firm and finding a cultural fit that will foster your growth as a real estate broker. The best brokerage in Central PA will tick all these boxes, ensuring you’re well-positioned to meet and exceed your career aspirations.

Though there are many brokerages throughout the Harrisburg, PA region Century 21 Realty Services stands out as one of the best in Central PA. Century 21 Realty Services is home to some of the top real estate agents in central Pennsylvania. There are many reasons top realtors choose Century 21 Realty Services. However, some of the top reasons are due to their great training and support to all their agents to grow and succeed in their careers. You can learn more about why top agents choose Century 21 Realty Services in our article on the topic, here.

For additional information on how to select the best brokerage for your needs read our article on choosing your sponsoring brokerage.