"At the heart of every family is a home."  Dan Piscioneri has been helping families create that home since 1976, when he founded Century 21 Realty Services.

A home might be your most prized possession, and it may even be the most expensive asset you'll ever own.  It also bears sentimental attachment, as you spend so much time there with your family.

 Piscioneri, along with a roster of professional agents,including his grown children - Elizabeth, Aaron and Jordan Piscioneri - understands that personal contact is key. It worked decades ago, and it still works today.

Dan's personal philosophy is this: We give of ourselves so that others may succeed.

That sentiment has been adopted as the company's mission statement, and it's also the basis for its extensive in-house training program.

"The success of our agency is that we have a personal touch in every transaction, and we also have a lot of support for our agents," Dan said.  "Our mentoring system really helps to make our agents successful, which then makes for successful transactions for our buyers and sellers."

This is made possible by a family of mentors. Dan mentors agents from a business and sales standpoint.  Jordan is following in his footsteps, and his computer background helps Jordan mentor from a technology standpoint. Aaron excels in sales, setting an example as a top real estate agent in the Harrisburg area.  As a top new agent, Elizabeth is helping other new agents achieve success.

"We're still a high-touch business, and we're high-tech" Dan said.  "We use technology to get better results for buyers and sellers."

 Among the technology at the forefront is social media. Anytime a new listing is added to the agency's website, its description and other important details are immediately pushed out via social media.  The website is agent-centric as opposed to company focused, and it promotes the agent along with the property that is for sale.

Another tool is the lead router - a media response system that caters to consumers. Within minutes of a buyer or seller submitting a question, an agent will contact them with a response.

For sellers, the agency also offers the business builder, a marketing platform that can easily create promotional materials such as fliers and posters.

"Today's buyers and sellers want instant contact, and Century 21 Realty Services provides the tools that cater to that need" Jordan said.

Century 21 Realty Services begins and ends with its values and its people. The company is proud to donate some of its profits to worthy causes, and it promotes fundraising activities for community organizations - ones that improve individuals and the community.

"Our focus isn't on being the biggest - it's that we offer the highest-quality service" Dan said." 

- As published in the Central Penn Business Journal July 2015



Thank you for taking the time to consider our company to meet your real estate needs.

Our philosophy is simple: "Provide quality service to buyers and
sellers with positive results for all parties." We want everyone to win.

If you are thinking of locating in Central Pennsylvania or just want information on our wonderful community, please call me personally. Our relocation department has a complete package with details of the area that I would be happy to forward to you at no charge.                                                                                                                                                                             

If you are currently residing in the Greater Harrisburg area and are thinking of buying or selling, we can professionally represent you and your interests.

As one of the nation's largest real estate sales organizations, we are uniquely positioned to provide our quality service with a personal touch. Our agents are among the highest per agent producers in the Central Pennsylvania area. We also have a top flight support staff to ensure positive results.

As the owner of CENTURY 21 Realty Services, I am personally involved with your transaction. At anytime during your journey of buying or selling, please do not hesitate to call me personally. Our continued success depends on your satisfaction and personal referrals.

Having been an active member of our community for more than 40 years, I am keenly aware of the wonderful lifestyle and benefits Central Pennsylvania offers to our residents.

Daniel T. Piscioneri