Daniel Piscioneri, Broker
Daniel Piscioneri, Broker

From the time Dan Piscioneri was 23, he has been embracing and employing his passion in life for helping people with their real estate needs. Dan is responsible for over 10,000 real estate sales in our community and has been training and managing successful agents since he was 25. His philosophy is as follows:


“My first objective is providing personalized real estate services to buyers and sellers. In order to achieve that result, I have been committed to training and coaching real estate agents on how to succeed in helping people. It is an honor and a privilege when Century 21 Realty Services is hired to represent buyers or sellers.” 


Since founding Century 21 Realty Services in 1982, Dan’s company has been an award-winning office for the results they achieve for their clients. However, his proudest moments have been giving back to the community. He describes his dedication to our area as:


“I have always been committed to serving and giving back to our community. When one is in business, I feel it’s his or her responsibility to give back. Thankfully we have been able to provide financial support and our labor to many worthy nonprofits in Central Pennsylvania since the beginning of the Piscioneri Foundation in 1998.”


His passion for helping people comes from his parent’s long and honorable history. They have served our community since the 1950’s. His mother, Lenore Piscioneri, and brother, Joe Piscioneri, were both successful and committed to offering services and positive results to buyers and sellers. Dan’s sons, Aaron and Jordan Piscioneri, are continuing the family tradition by being the third generation to serve our community.


In addition to a successful career in real estate brokerage, Dan is a personal developer, coach and consultant for individuals and companies. He has also been an active investor since his first investment property purchase in 1976. Since then, he and his sons have created a real estate investment company focused on providing affordable housing to our local community.