Daniel Piscioneri, Broker
Daniel Piscioneri, Broker

How fortunate for me, at the age of 23 to find my passion in life.
That passion is helping people with their real estate needs. Since that time I have been responsible for over 10,000 real estate sales in our community. It is an honor and a responsibility when a buyer or seller hires our company to represent them.
My passion for helping people comes from my parents and family, they started serving our community in the 1950’s.

My first objective is providing personalized real estate services to buyers and sellers. In order to achieve that result I am committed to training and coaching real estate agents on how to succeed on helping people.

Our family has a long and honorable history in real estate. My mother, Lenore Piscioneri (deceased 1997) and my brother, Joe Piscioneri (deceased 1998) were both successful and committed to offering services and positive results to buyers and sellers.
At 25 I started training and managing hopeful agents on how to succeed in real estate. In 1982 I owned my own company.

Since 1982 our Century 21 office has been an award-winning office for the results we achieve for our clients. However, our proudest moments have been when we give back to our community.  I have always been committed to serving and giving back to our community.  When one is in business, I feel it’s his or her responsibility to give back.  In 1998 the company started the Piscioneri Foundation. Thankfully we have been able to provide financial support and our labor to many worthy nonprofits in Central Pennsylvania.
In 2004 my son, Aaron Piscioneri, started in real estate, continuing the family tradition by being the third generation to serve our community. In 2007 my son Jordan entered the business. Of course growing up in a real estate family both of these young men have been in real estate their entire lives. As a father I feel blessed to be able to work with my sons every day.

Aaron has a degree in Business and Marketing from St. Josephs. Jordan has gone though Microsoft Certification, and also ran his own computer servicing business. The combination of the two is perfect for success in
real estate in the 21st century.Technology, more than ever, has become critical in helping buyers and sellers.
In 2011 we changed the na me of our company. The new name reflects what we do as opposed to who owns the company. We have always been a company run by our staff and agents.
Thank you for reading this, when entrusting your real estate, the sale of, purchase, or your career with a broker I think it is important to know the people with whom you are working.