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At CENTURY 21 Realty Services, every agent is thoroughly trained and dedicated to providing high quality service to purchasers and sellers. Our agents live within our market area and are ready to devote their attention to your particular real estate needs.

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CENTURY 21 Realty Services

Mailing Address:
3315 Market Street
Camp Hill, PA 17011

Phone: (717) 737-2121
Fax: (717) 737-7129
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Andrew Soisson
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Andrew Soisson
Phone: (717) 440-4238
Sal Russo
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Sal Russo
Phone: (717) 602-2104
Diane Collier
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Diane Collier
Phone: (717) 737-2121
Bob Kluge
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Bob Kluge
Phone: (570) 713-5690
Debora Bangs
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Debora Bangs
Phone: (717) 737-2121
Sarah Staub
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Sarah Staub
Phone: (717) 329-7961
Morgan Zigman
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Morgan Zigman
Phone: (717) 979-1691
Ron Warfel
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Ron Warfel
Phone: (717) 737-2121
Ray Knecht
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Ray Knecht
Phone: (717) 512-6153
Olivera Pticek
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Olivera Pticek
Phone: (717) 701-6972
Jennifer Alexander
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Jennifer Alexander
Phone: (717) 525-3630
Paul Bahn
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Paul Bahn
Phone: (717) 737-2121
Jeffrey Goas
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Jeffrey Goas
Phone: (717) 421-2649
Rachelle Womer
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Rachelle Womer
Phone: (717) 805-0866
Auzita Khanahmadi
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Auzita Khanahmadi
Phone: (717) 623-3343
Jennifer McNair
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Jennifer McNair
Phone: (717) 736-6776
Christopher Jordahl
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Christopher Jordahl
Phone: (717) 623-0891
Allison Parker
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Allison Parker
Phone: (717) 877-2427
Leanne Hahn
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Leanne Hahn
Phone: (717) 443-3945
Kim Swartzell
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Kim Swartzell
Phone: (717) 480-2897
Rocky Alexander
 Email RockyAlexander Contact Me   
Rocky Alexander
Phone: (717) 919-0115
Lori Englebrook
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Lori Englebrook
Phone: (717) 215-3806
Michael Vogel
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Michael Vogel
Phone: (717) 579-7889
Suzanne Williams
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Suzanne Williams
Phone: (717) 802-0809
Adam Rhoads
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Adam Rhoads
Phone: (717) 623-4425
Kristi Davidson
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Kristi Davidson
Phone: (717) 514-9843
Dee Allen
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Dee Allen
Phone: (717) 805-9045
Joe Washburn
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Joe Washburn
Phone: (717) 805-7141
Mobile Phone: (717) 805-7141
David Fields
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David Fields
Phone: (717) 443-5800
Calvin Williams
 Email CalvinWilliams Contact Me   
Calvin Williams
Phone: (717) 919-1614
Jordan Piscioneri
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Jordan Piscioneri
Phone: (717) 623-0112
Aaron Piscioneri
 Email AaronPiscioneri Contact Me   
Aaron Piscioneri
Phone: (717) 441-5406
Isaiah Coble
 Email IsaiahCoble Contact Me   
Isaiah Coble
Phone: (717) 319-9635
Matthew Connor
 Email MatthewConnor Contact Me   
Matthew Connor
Phone: (717) 350-0195
Keribeth Kauffman
 Email KeribethKauffman Contact Me   
Keribeth Kauffman
Phone: (717) 253-4458
Amy Rocuskie
 Email AmyRocuskie Contact Me   
Amy Rocuskie
Phone: (717) 991-5527
Brittany Sweigard
 Email BrittanySweigard Contact Me   
Brittany Sweigard
Phone: (717) 979-1231
Jonathan Judson
 Email JonathanJudson Contact Me   
Jonathan Judson
Phone: (717) 737-2121
Elizabeth Piscioneri
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Brad Boyer
 Email BradBoyer Contact Me   
Brad Boyer
Phone: 991-0954
Susan Thomas
 Email SusanThomas Contact Me   
Susan Thomas
Phone: (717) 737-2121
Michael Clay
 Email MichaelClay Contact Me   
Michael Clay
Phone: (717) 319-0866
Doris Bossert
 Email DorisBossert Contact Me   
Doris Bossert
Phone: (717) 737-2121
Shannon Foster
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Shannon Foster
Phone: (717) 303-6317